Consulting Services

AWI can provide added value service to the Human Resources Investigations conducted. This can occur through various findings and recommendations or through direct consultancy service where appropriate.

Examples of our consulting services include:

  • Providing suggestions and assistance with Corporate Governance relating to the development or refinement of strategic or operational plans. This can assist organisations to clarify expectations, targets and the roles and responsibilities of employees.
  • Suggestions and feedback relating to wording and currency of policies and procedures.
  • Conducting climate surveys which assist the organisation to gauge the issues concerning employees. We can than provide feedback to management regarding the effectiveness or otherwise of:
    • management practices;
    • practical impact of policies and procedures; and
    • identification of matters of priority as identified by the employees.

Given the exposure AWI Consultants have had across the private and public sector there is an opportunity for our Clients to tap into the accumulated knowledge and experience they have gained in providing services in a diverse market, dealing with individuals at all levels and recognising the differing needs within specific industries or Agencies.

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