Professionally conducted surveillance is an invaluable tool in obtaining evidence for personal injury claims, internal fraud, theft and intellectual property matters.

AWI has a highly experienced team of surveillance investigators. We retain investigators that are intelligent and dedicated, who take pride in their work and have high ethical and professional standards. Our investigators have a wealth of experience and consistently produce a high level of quality work.

We conduct a preliminary desktop investigation for every file. This is particularly useful when building a profile for surveillance files. We gather information from databases, social media and the wider internet. These searches allow us to gain a better understanding of persons’ activities, personal relationships and interests, which allow us to provide a more effective service.

Our investigators conduct surveillance investigations in a manner that will best achieve the client’s objective. We plan and execute surveillance to maximise the opportunity to capture activity within the provided time frame. This is achieved through profiling the person, planning the assignment and ensuring we capture the majority of activity on video.

At AWI, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients throughout the investigation process, from identifying their objectives to providing regular updates on the progress of the investigation. This helps us to ensure that all our client’s requirements are met.

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